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Gal pooding proposal
A sweet & charming Galaxy S4 case
design by sumneeds.


The world’s first new style case

  • A new grip with a new case.
  • Cute icons falling just like a snowball.|
  • Various eye-catching graphic designs.
  • Gal Pooding gives you the softest grip for your iPhone


Product name : i pooding [A sweet & charming case for your Galaxy S4 - just like a pudding]
utility model: 20-2012-0011649
The world’s first high frequency moblie phone case, i-Pooding. Inserted with harmless liquid paraffin, Gal-Pooding gives you the softest grip for your Galaxy S4 . Also, just like a snowball, cute icons will move as you use device.
Through our collaboration with designers and artists, we provide you with mutliple choices of designs that will fulfill your artistic standards.

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